Childrens Health Care of Atlanta

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R2 and the 501st paid a visit to some very special kids. Not a lot of pictures as they are not allowed without permission, and we were really busy making the rounds.

Have EGG will travel…

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R2D2’s new friend… Big Green Egg (BGE)


Friends for life... (lifetime warranty)

Star Wars Night at Turner Field with the Braves

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Star Wars Night at Turner Field with the Braves

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Tellus Museum: Night at the Museum (8/6/2011)

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On Saturday we headed out to the Tellus Museum for their “Night at the Museum” event. It was a long event with arrival @ 4PM and running R2 until 10PM. The crowds were big and fun was had by all. These picture don’t do the crowds any justice, as I believe they were all taken before the doors opened and when they were closing as you could not get a clear picture of R2 with all the people.

R2 didn’t take too much damage from the event, even though he did take a real beating at times. Lots of kids liked to jump out in front of R2 while he was moving. We had a” photo booth” set up so we could swap out droids running around the museum while the other droid sat and “rested” giving better photo ops. The photo above shows a diluted line for the R2 photo area. At one point I saw about 60 people waiting in line for Sandtrooper autographs.

.NET Microcontroller upgrade: FEZ Panda I

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“Upgraded” my FEZ Panda I board to give me access to most of the pins. I went from the typical number of Arduino pins to over 50 I/O pins and now 4 COM ports.


More Pins:

.NET Micro Joystick Debugging and Working

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Here is the video on using the .NET Micro Framework and creating the joystick. We are going to play with the picture-in-picture feature and see how this goes. Except for the realtime debugging feature of working in .NET and Visual Studio, everything here can be done on other controllers. There is more to add, but the features get away from other microcontrollers. If interest is there I may continue on and show how to implement other features that make the code a lot easier to read and use.


AnalogIn and Interrupts combined

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Now that we can create interrupts for buttons and create read an analog device, we can combine them into a useful class. We will create a simple joystick class to interface with the Sparkfun joystick that allows the operator to push down on the joystick to trigger a button.


First thing is to breakout what the joystick really is. We have the button and 2 analog sensors (1 for each axis). The class will use the button we have already created and the xaxis analog pin. We will create another analog pin for the yaxis as well. We will reuse most of the code we have already created. Depending on the level of interest, the next few steps will show this working on the board, debugging, and converting the class to be more reusable and allow applications to be event driven.

Reading Analog Values

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A quick video showing how to read analog values.

Blinking LEDs now with Buttons

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Adding on to the Blinking LED video, this one adds a button to control the LED.