Skin Mounting

I clamped the inner skins to the frame and lined up the center mounting bracket. i had to grind some of the bracket down to get it to fit. After everything was in place I marked the positions and took the skins off. Next I drilled holes in the frame and then clamped the brackets to the frame and drill them using the holes in the frame as a guide. I then screwed the center brackets into the frame.

I hooked up the skin brackets and and marked the hole placements on the skins. I took the brackets off the frame and drilled the skins. Then just as with center brackets I used the holes in the skins as guide to drill out the brackets. slowly I countersunk the holes on the skins, testing the screws for flushness (wow spellchecker thinks that is a word!). A quick bolt up of everything and the the skins snap right on the frame.

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