Rear Door Work

Posted in Rear Door on June 30th, 2008 by Samurai

We had a picture party with the group we went to Israel with, so I didn’t have too much time to do much on R2. I took out 2 of the rear panels and mixed up some JB Weld. I applied the mess to the edges of the skins openings and clamped the panels in place. Next will be the large panel at the top and the 3 smaller ones at the bottom. The center door, I think I may make it a door as was shown in EPII.

Skin Attachment

Posted in Skins on June 29th, 2008 by Samurai

God has looked down on me and said that I can do some R2 work. We did have some storms come through, but it seemed that everytime I went outside teh sun came out. There wasn’t any hail or tornadoes. So…

Got to work on R2, for a little bit! For about 15 minutes on Friday I cut Out the inner rear skins octagonal port. Sunday I cut the front octagonal ports adn the power coupler. I then went to work on the rear skins. I detached the outer skins door panel. I then filed down any remaining burrs and tabs in the inner and outer skins. A quick clean up of the skins and they were ready to be attached.

I decided to go the Super 77 route. Sprayed the inner skin’s outside and the outer skin’s inside, make sense? 🙂 I attached the inner skin to the frame and started wrapping the out skin around. I used my cheap clamps the hold the skins in place as i went. I was going to take picture of the steps involved, but this stuff dries quick and needs to be put on while tacky. Just to be sure I kept the skins clamped for about 30 minutes. I took the clamps off and everything was solid.

i then moved onto the rear door. Again I clean the panels and sprayed each side and let dry. I positioned the panels and started attaching and clamping. After about 30 minutes and Took some the clamps off to see how it worked. The were some spots that did not stick, os I wiped up some JB Weld to seal the open seams. I didn’t think the Super 77 was going to hold well on the areas where there isn’t a lot of surface area. I will probably JB Weld the rear door’s panels on since that area will see some abuse being a door.

Building Delays

Posted in Uncategorized on June 18th, 2008 by Samurai

Well we are back from our trip to Israel. Preparing for the trip took away all building time before the trip, and now that we are back building time… Well there is a road block. We have to organize our picture before we forget what they are. I took about 250 pictures while we were there. My wife took well over 1,000. Then there is the over 3 hours of HD video to go over.

The trip was an amazing trip, one I would highly recommend to anyone. We just happened to arrive in Jerusalem during the 40th anniversary Jerusalem Day. A great time by all who didn’t have their hotel rooms right outside the place where the University of Israel puts on a huge concert every year. My wife and I first get into our room and step outside on the balcony and say… Hmm I wonder what teh huge stage is for? Well we found out that night, and were reminded about it until 6AM. For some reason the hotel front desk didn’t know the English word for refund at 1AM. Pictures coming as soon as I get through them.