What? What’s going to happen? … Something wonderful.

Posted in Frame, R2 2.0 on April 26th, 2013 by Samurai

The start of R2D2 2.0 “Uber” droid



Lots going on, no pictures…

Posted in Ankles, Frame, Misc, Rear Door, Skins on July 15th, 2009 by Samurai

R2 was taken completely apart and pieces were ground down and adjusted to make way for electronics. The feet now have the NPC motors mounted and new wires pulled up the through the new holes in the feet and legs. The wires currently are just pulled into the body. The new electronics panel was cut out of 1/4″ Lexan and mounting brackets were made to fit it to the frame. Some of the vertical rods on the frame were moved back to allow room for the hinges for the doors on the skins. All this done in a weekend. I now jsut have to positions the motor controllers and fuse blocks wire them up and R2 should be moving. Then I need to finish cutting the inner dome for the hinges and the dome can go back together.

Weendend Update 1

Posted in Ankles, Frame, Rockler Bearing on August 9th, 2008 by Samurai

I mounted the rockler bearing on the top ring. I had mounting holes on the top ring, but they got in the way of the shoulder hubs and the large data port. I had to drill out the other holes on the outer bearing and drill new holes in the top ring. I then tapped the ring and reassembled. This should be the last time the frame needs to be taken apart for some time.

I also filed down the last ankle wedge. These things just didn’t line up at all. I don’t really think the wedges are the problem. I think there were some issues in the production of the ankles where some durfaces are not completely flat and the angles are off.

I have a few thing on my list to try and get done this weekend. Ipdates and pictures coming…

LDP Installed

Posted in Frame, LDP on August 5th, 2008 by Samurai

Last night I got the LDP install. I had to drill through the LDP on at least one hole to get the the screws to bite. I plan on filling this hole before it is painted, so it will not be seen. I reassembled the frame and skins afterwards and everything lines up.

Coin Slots

Posted in Coin Slots, Frame on April 27th, 2008 by Samurai

First thing I had to do was check to see if the Coin slots fit the skins. A dry fit showed that they did not. I tested the openings to see which areas needed to be filed. After the openings were widened, I marked the location on the frame rings to be cut. A notch had to be made to allow the coin slot strip to sit in it’s proper place. After The marks were made, the dremel came out. A test fit and adjustment later, everything fit. I just have to mount the strip to the inner skins and they are done.