LDP Installed

Posted in Frame, LDP on August 5th, 2008 by Samurai

Last night I got the LDP install. I had to drill through the LDP on at least one hole to get the the screws to bite. I plan on filling this hole before it is painted, so it will not be seen. I reassembled the frame and skins afterwards and everything lines up.

Weekend Build

Posted in Feet, Hose, LDP, Paint on August 4th, 2008 by Samurai

Busy build weekend. The first thing I worked on is cutting 1 of the braided hoses and testing out the KHF. It looks like I will need to cut the hose a little longer as the braided hose expanded a little and shortened the length as I put a section of tube in side.

I moved to putting a coat of white primer on the center foot. This is just a base coat for the foot since I plan on using Satin White later, but I already used a gray primer to stop any rust on the foot. The white primer will cover up the gray one better.

I needed to put the mounting screws in the battery boxes so I can start figuring out how to attach the boxes so they don’t rattle. I marked the location of the holes and then drilled and tapped them.

Next I drilled and tapped the ankle cylinders so the wedges can attach to the cylinders. I lined up and measured the first cylinder and made a jig to do the other 3. A few adjustments need to be made before the cylinders and attached wedges can be moutned on to the ankles. I expanded a few holes, but the center ankle has one wedge combo that is really going to need some fitting.

I primed and test sprayed a piece of scrap to test the Krylon X-Metal purple as an alternative to the elusive Rustoleum. More to come on that.

The last thing I worked on was mounting the LDP to the frame. I mounted the LDP and marked it’s location. I then drilled and counter sunk holes for screws. I now just have to drill and tap holes in the LDP.

My Archnemisis

Posted in LDP on July 28th, 2008 by Samurai

Well my ambitious plans to have the feet and legs 98% done over the weekend went down in flames, as real life stepped in. I did get to play around with my new LEDs for the Holoprojectors some though.

Some things I did get done over the weekend:
1) enlarged the holes on 1 foot shell to allow the KHFings to fit with the foot strip in the correct position.

2) I started cutting some more of 1 leg to figure out how to install the under the shoulder details.

3) I took on my archnemisis… the top ring of the frame.

For my Large Data Ports to fit, I have to cut back the top ring’s slot about a 1/4″. This piece has gone through a couple fo cutting disks without and head way. Well I started cutting perpendicular slots for about 1″ along the area to be cut. I then dremeled down until at least this area was cut off. Now that I had a little area to work with, the recip saw came out and took care of the rest of the ring.

Large Data Port

Posted in LDP on July 17th, 2008 by Samurai

I had a few panels on the skins pop off, so I cleaned them up and re JB Welded them on.

i also took the frame apart and looked at the large data port slot. Thsi slot need to be cut to allow the piece to sit further back. I took the top most horizontal piece off the Utility Arm carrier and then put the LDP into the opening. I clamped the LDP ontot he top ring and marked the cut. I now just have to cut the frame. Looks like it is time for reciprocating saw to come out.

Large Data Port

Posted in LDP on April 26th, 2008 by Samurai

I have 2 sets of large data ports, LDP. The first set is in 4 pieces and the second one is a 1 piece. Neither of the LDPs fits the frame opening, so the frame is going to have to be cut to make them fit.