Lots going on, no pictures…

Posted in Ankles, Frame, Misc, Rear Door, Skins on July 15th, 2009 by Samurai

R2 was taken completely apart and pieces were ground down and adjusted to make way for electronics. The feet now have the NPC motors mounted and new wires pulled up the through the new holes in the feet and legs. The wires currently are just pulled into the body. The new electronics panel was cut out of 1/4″ Lexan and mounting brackets were made to fit it to the frame. Some of the vertical rods on the frame were moved back to allow room for the hinges for the doors on the skins. All this done in a weekend. I now jsut have to positions the motor controllers and fuse blocks wire them up and R2 should be moving. Then I need to finish cutting the inner dome for the hinges and the dome can go back together.

Rear Door Attachment

Posted in Rear Door on July 14th, 2008 by Samurai

I started attaching the rear Door to the back of the droid. I am still waiting on some magnets, but I fashioned a “channel” for the top of the skins to slide into. I used some scrape pieces of skin since they had the correct curvature. I JB Welded them onto the top and will attach the bottom of the skins with magnets. The top slides on perfect.

Skin Me

Posted in Rear Door, Skins on July 10th, 2008 by Samurai

1 more night and the skins will be done, except for the doors. Tonight The front skins got one last filing and then were JB Welded together.

I actually used every single clamp I have and I could still have used a few more. I went the JB Weld route on the front because there aren’t too many panels like the rear door to apply JB Weld from the rear to fix any issues. So now I am covered in JB Weld marks, but the skins are almost done. I used the coins slots to help align the skins, but once the skins were clamped I removed them. Toothpicks make great helpers in clamping the skins between the coin slot openings.

I also foudn some spots where the rear door was pulling apart. I clamped it together and applied some JB Weld to hold the pieces together.

Rear Door Work

Posted in Rear Door on June 30th, 2008 by Samurai

We had a picture party with the group we went to Israel with, so I didn’t have too much time to do much on R2. I took out 2 of the rear panels and mixed up some JB Weld. I applied the mess to the edges of the skins openings and clamped the panels in place. Next will be the large panel at the top and the 3 smaller ones at the bottom. The center door, I think I may make it a door as was shown in EPII.

Rear Door

Posted in Rear Door, Skins on April 26th, 2008 by Samurai

i attached the inner rear skins to the frame and clamped the outer skins on. Using a pencil I marked the outline for the door. After the door was marked, I measured 1/8″ in and marked the cut line. Taking out the Dremel and a reinforced cutoff wheel, I slowly cut the inner skins. I just lined up the wheel on the line and let the wheel sink into the skins. I then moved the wheel up the line and repeated. This gave a pretty straight line. Every now and then I would stop and just make sure the line was not showing by lining up the outer skins. This was really just for my own sanity. A quick file down on the edges and the back door was cut off.