Lots going on, no pictures…

Posted in Ankles, Frame, Misc, Rear Door, Skins on July 15th, 2009 by Samurai

R2 was taken completely apart and pieces were ground down and adjusted to make way for electronics. The feet now have the NPC motors mounted and new wires pulled up the through the new holes in the feet and legs. The wires currently are just pulled into the body. The new electronics panel was cut out of 1/4″ Lexan and mounting brackets were made to fit it to the frame. Some of the vertical rods on the frame were moved back to allow room for the hinges for the doors on the skins. All this done in a weekend. I now jsut have to positions the motor controllers and fuse blocks wire them up and R2 should be moving. Then I need to finish cutting the inner dome for the hinges and the dome can go back together.

A Labor of Love

Posted in Skins on July 11th, 2008 by Samurai

I realy thought that the skins would all be done today… BUT I had an issue come up last night an I was only able to get a few of the remaining panels on. I only have 3 more panels to attach and the skins, minus the doors, will be done. I am kind of burned out on skins at the moment and looking back I probably should have worked on somethign else after doing the rears. There is much innovative stuff to doing the skins, but, file, glue, then clamp. At least this weekend I will be able to move on to mounting brackets, feet, and the dome. I haven’t really decided on what to do next. I may move onto the mounting brackets to get some skin panels attached. I do have to cut the holes for the feet as well. I probably will do a little of both. I have some ideas on mounting the detail pieces, but we will have to see.

Skin Me

Posted in Rear Door, Skins on July 10th, 2008 by Samurai

1 more night and the skins will be done, except for the doors. Tonight The front skins got one last filing and then were JB Welded together.

I actually used every single clamp I have and I could still have used a few more. I went the JB Weld route on the front because there aren’t too many panels like the rear door to apply JB Weld from the rear to fix any issues. So now I am covered in JB Weld marks, but the skins are almost done. I used the coins slots to help align the skins, but once the skins were clamped I removed them. Toothpicks make great helpers in clamping the skins between the coin slot openings.

I also foudn some spots where the rear door was pulling apart. I clamped it together and applied some JB Weld to hold the pieces together.

Some Fixing, Finishing, and Some Prepping

Posted in Coin Slots, Feet, Skins on July 9th, 2008 by Samurai

I lightly sanded the feet and sprayed another coat of primer on them. This should do them until the white paint… or more primer after I cut the motor holes.

I then fixed the skins in the the area where the Super 77 didn’t adhere the skins very well. I mixed up some JB Weld and clamped the skins together.

Next I started preparing the front skins to be bonded together. First I needed the coin slots to be able to attach to the skins. I had already cut the holes, but I needed to coutner sink the screw heads to be flush with the inner skins. I then used some of the JB Weld mixture and welded the screw heads onto the inner skins.

Yes, from the images you can see that the coin slots are backwards. This is to keep the coin slots away from the JB Weld on the screws but still keeping the screws aligned and in position.

Full Frontal

Posted in Skins on July 4th, 2008 by Samurai

Well with the rear skins adn door done, I have moved onto the front skins. I got all the doors and panels cut out and the small door and the 2 long doors JB Welded up.

For cutting I have found the best tools to use is a hacksaw blade. The blade is just the right size for the slots, so it cuts almost all the tab away. It also only take about 3 swipes of the hack saw to remove each tab.

The Rear is Done

Posted in Skins on July 2nd, 2008 by Samurai

Well I attached the last of the panels to the back door. The rear skins are now done. I just have to attach the doors, when I decided on hinges. I also have to make a mounting system for the rear door.

Time to move on to the front skins. I have to also cut the LDP slot back in the front. I am not really looking forward to this. I also may rewire the front logics and start wiring up the rear logics. I have to start figuring out what to do for hinges too. The dome maybe next on the list of items to cut. As it stands the outer dome panels are cut and filed, but the inner panels need to be cut. All the circular holes have been cut as well. The Radar Eye has also been mounted, so I really just need hinges to really move the dome along.

Method to My Madness

Posted in Skins on July 2nd, 2008 by Samurai

OK, so I am working on the skins at the moment. There really is a method to my madness. The first thing is to cut the inner rear door before all the panel are removed. This gives the skins a more rigid structure so the skins don’t get a bent out of shape. After the inner door is cut and double checked, the inner panels are removed. I then removed the outer panels and JB Welded the inner and outer doors and panels together. I fit the doors and panels to the skins while the skins are clamped to the frame. This gives the correct curve the panels and doors. If you have handled the inner and outer skins for a while, it is amazing how rigid they get when glued together.

With the panels JB Welded together I used them on the rear door to make sure it was at the correct curvature.

So my steps to forming and attaching the skins were:

!) Remove the outer panels.
2) Cut the Rear Door
3) Remove the inner panels.
4) Clamp the skins back on the frame
5) JB Weld the doors together using the frame and skins to make sure the doors keep their curve
6) Super 77 the skins and door together, using the frame again as a guide.
7) Since the skins and door are still flexible, now use the doors and panels on the skins to shape them while they are JB Welded together.

Thanks to Darren for the Super 77’ing the skins together idea.

More Rear End Work

Posted in Skins on July 1st, 2008 by Samurai

The little panel on the rear skins wasn’t holding too well, I could push it out with my finger very easily. I decided to JB Weld it in from the back side.

I then went on to attach the large panel on the rear door. I again JB Welded this panel on to the door. After a while I checked to make sure the clamps did no adhere to the door.

Skin Attachment

Posted in Skins on June 29th, 2008 by Samurai

God has looked down on me and said that I can do some R2 work. We did have some storms come through, but it seemed that everytime I went outside teh sun came out. There wasn’t any hail or tornadoes. So…

Got to work on R2, for a little bit! For about 15 minutes on Friday I cut Out the inner rear skins octagonal port. Sunday I cut the front octagonal ports adn the power coupler. I then went to work on the rear skins. I detached the outer skins door panel. I then filed down any remaining burrs and tabs in the inner and outer skins. A quick clean up of the skins and they were ready to be attached.

I decided to go the Super 77 route. Sprayed the inner skin’s outside and the outer skin’s inside, make sense? 🙂 I attached the inner skin to the frame and started wrapping the out skin around. I used my cheap clamps the hold the skins in place as i went. I was going to take picture of the steps involved, but this stuff dries quick and needs to be put on while tacky. Just to be sure I kept the skins clamped for about 30 minutes. I took the clamps off and everything was solid.

i then moved onto the rear door. Again I clean the panels and sprayed each side and let dry. I positioned the panels and started attaching and clamping. After about 30 minutes and Took some the clamps off to see how it worked. The were some spots that did not stick, os I wiped up some JB Weld to seal the open seams. I didn’t think the Super 77 was going to hold well on the areas where there isn’t a lot of surface area. I will probably JB Weld the rear door’s panels on since that area will see some abuse being a door.

R2 build – Mother’s Day Weekend Edition

Posted in Skins on May 11th, 2008 by Samurai

With this being Mother’s Day Weekend, not much was done. On Friday I finished cleanup of the last of the panels on the rear skins. Each night I JB Welded 1 of the 3 panels.

This week the plans are to maybe cut the holes for the power couplers. Once these are done I can start putting the skins together. The main thing to get done this week though are the front panels, then I will be done with all the doors.

I hope to at least get the rest of the doors and maybe the rear door done this week. Next week maybe busy and build will stop again, until June, after that with our trip to Israel.