Kitty Litter PSI lenses and Dome moutning plates

Posted in Dome, PSI on April 28th, 2009 by Samurai

I finished one PSI and started work on the other one. I used the large 40 pound litter containers for material. They make great PSI lenses.

The starting container

The rear plate being fitted. The holes are drilled in the dome and the plastic is clamped in place. 1 hole is drilled through the plastic and then a screw is inserted through the dome and the plastic. A T-nut is screwed to hold the plastic in place. The clamps are moved to a new location and a heat gun heats the plastic while slowly screwing the clamps down. Once the plastic is mostly in place, I used crushed ice in a baggie to cool and the plastic to form. Repeat the drilling process until the whole plate is in place.

The completed product (front). The holoprojector still needs to be cut out.

Back side of the front plate. The PSI LED holder will be changed out and the cone will have a new holder mounted soon.

PSI setup

Posted in Arduino, PSI on March 3rd, 2009 by Samurai

I have been toying with some materials to use for my PSI lenses. The main concern has been that they need to hold up against poking fingers. The next thing is the space needed to diffuse the hotspots, and since I am using a multicolored LED to create any color I want it also needs to help mix the colors. After many trials and errors I think I may have found a cheap solution.

If you have or know someone who has cats, the litter can come in huge white plastic buckets. These buckets need to be able to hold 20lb-40lb, so the plastic is nice and string. I cut one of the buckets up and did a few tests and they work great with one layer of material and even better with 2 sandwiched together. The setup consists of 1 or 2 layers of litter bin material and a LED source. The barrel to contain the light source is the smaller cup of a bar tenders jigger with the bottom cut out of it. Since the jigger is metal, it reflects the light just fine.

PSI Test

Posted in Arduino, BlinkM, PSI on July 30th, 2008 by Samurai

Ok so now a test with the PSIs. This is a lit room, and the camera exposure adjustment is going a little crazy causing some weird color transitions that aren’t there in person.

The color transitions are are fade the color switches immediately using a different command.

The tube is a resin on from Keith. The the filters are pieces of milks jugs. There are 2 inside the tube and the one that is being held is the rough part, usually at the handle. The color test is the same test routine as was done with the holoprojectors. The tube is open at the back and the inside should be lined with aluminum tape to improve the lighting effect. There is a little bit of a hot spot, not as much as it appears in the video, but if the LED is moved further away it goes away without any decrease in the lighting