Vex Controller

Posted in R\C on April 30th, 2008 by Samurai

For the time being, after chatting with Dan… not the other one… the one in Germany, I have decided to go with the Vex controller for my R\C stuff. I picked up a controller off eBay for about $22 shipped. This 6 channel transmitter will be fine for the drive system. I plan to have a lot of moving items on my droid so another transmitter will be in order down the line.

One other option I have been thinking about doing is use an XBee attached to my transmitter. Since I will already have an Arduino in the droid I should be able to make a button panel to control doors and lights using the XBees as wireless link and leave the Vex transmitter for the drive system. It may end up being a $100 add on to expand my transmitter’s I\O with this method. I will have to see how this pans out.