Custom Controller

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This is the first is a series of post for a new controller. This controller will be a hidden one, so the operator can blend into a crowd. Some background about the controller. About 2 years ago I started using Wii Nunchuks, one in each hand. I really don’t trust the system for crowded environments. The main issue is each nunchuk is a I2C device, and is designed to be the only one on the I2C network as the address is hardwired. I created a circuit to switch between the 2 devices so the microcontroller knew which nunchuk it was talking to.

I have now have moved to create my own custom controller. This series will describe the process of creating a new controller.


Here is the start:

New Logic Boards

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The new logic prototypes arrived. These are designed to be as flexible as possible, allowing the builder to decided how he wants to interface with the LED matrix display board. The Matrix Driver board pictured is the IDC, SPI version of the driver board.

Move Complete

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We are still unpacking, but the move of the Blog is complete. The layout will still be changing, but all new posts will be located here.

Hello world!

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Every new thing needs a “Hello World” first run…

Moving Time

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It is almost that time. This blog will be moving to it’s new home soon. The new domain is up, and the blog engine is running. just need to import\export and the transition will be complete. More to come.

Building Delays

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Well we are back from our trip to Israel. Preparing for the trip took away all building time before the trip, and now that we are back building time… Well there is a road block. We have to organize our picture before we forget what they are. I took about 250 pictures while we were there. My wife took well over 1,000. Then there is the over 3 hours of HD video to go over.

The trip was an amazing trip, one I would highly recommend to anyone. We just happened to arrive in Jerusalem during the 40th anniversary Jerusalem Day. A great time by all who didn’t have their hotel rooms right outside the place where the University of Israel puts on a huge concert every year. My wife and I first get into our room and step outside on the balcony and say… Hmm I wonder what teh huge stage is for? Well we found out that night, and were reminded about it until 6AM. For some reason the hotel front desk didn’t know the English word for refund at 1AM. Pictures coming as soon as I get through them.

Extreme R2 Building

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I really wasn’t going to do a post about how i can’t build, but I really have been cursed lately. I am trying to get something done before our trip to Israel on the 26th. I really want to get the inner skins cut so I can weld the inner and out skins together.

So far Monday we get a huge beef tenderloin, so I have to preform surgery on it and put it into the freezer. After clean up, it is too late and dark to be outside grinding away at metal. Oh well we have some good steaks to eat later. I am sure cooking them will eat up more building time in the future.

Next the Gods took exception to me trying to get the skins cut. It looked like rain, but I still went outside on our covered deck. Rain was coming down, but I was dry. I proceeded to lower the Dremel onto the cut line. It starts to cut and the power goes out. The wind starts to pick up and I get all the tools and R2 parts put away, in the dark, when it begins to hail. Lots of hail.
The wind picks up a little more, when we hear about a tornado warning in our area. Funny how you can’t hear the tornado sirens with a Dremel cutting metal. No damage to our place, but I do feel a certain dedication to my R2 now that I have done some building in a tornado. The gauntlet has been thrown down by Darth Moose to run out in a lightning storm with R2’s metal skins above one’s head. I would do it, but the neighbors already think I am a little crazy.

Some picture updates

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I still have to adjust the utility arms, but they are installed on the frame now.

Not really sure if I am going to sut the inner skins to make the octagonal ports flush with the outter skins or not. They look good the way the are now. I do have to make some adjustments to the vertical support rods to allow them to line up with the holes a little better.

Power coupler cutouts still need to be cut out, hopefully tonight.